Santa Claus is Comin to Town

Trey McIntyre, the former choreographer in residence of The Washington Ballet is coming to town with his company for one night only – November 5th. He will be at the Harman Center. Click here for more information.

Trey’s company went full-time a few months ago. This is a big, big deal. Having a company is one thing. Having that company grow to become full time work for a core of dancers, and staff, is really rare. Trey has made it because he is extrordinarily talented.

In ballet it’s hard to create organic things. Ballet is so extreme, much of what is done fails to look human. In ballet it’s also hard to bring the funk. Shockingly, Trey succeeds in those areas, and others.

I am pasting below three videos. The first is a video-dance named ‘Hymn’, which is just gorgeous. The tall guy dancing is actually Trey.

Trey is like Christopher Wheeldon – one of the new generation of (male) dancers who quit performing before he had to because there was so much demand for his choreography.
This next video is a small pas from the piece “The Reassuring Effects of Form and Poetry.” The performer is Michelle Jimenez.

So: Trey is coming to town. Tickets are still available. I don’t have the funds to spend $70 bucks for a ticket – anyone out there willing to share a ticket I’m prepared to provide erudite commentary following the show.

Trey’s got a great website, too. Worth checking out more of the videos, pictures, and you-tube favorites.

This is his company’s first visit to DC as a full-time company. Don’t miss it. One night only – November 5th.

Author: Robert Bettmann

Founder of Day Eight, and the DC Arts Writing Fellowship.

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  1. Amazing. You can take me as your date for the evening if someone offers you a pair of tix 😉

    A brief (keyword *brief*) video review of an artists’ work is very helpful for future context. I just wrote about how difficult it is to read about dance when you’re not familiar with the artist/work and would love if you could weigh in.

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