The Cyd Ernst Haikus

Cyd CharisseMy girlfriend is currently teaching poetry and character to her 7th grade DCPS students. This is not simple to do, given the wide range of comprehension and reading skills in the classes. In addition to giving them clips from existing poetry, tomorrow’s lesson has several haiku that she created this evening… Part of the humor is imagining her students studying these haiku –  which have a distinctly Alvey Singer/Woody Allen feel. (She’s hidden her authorship under the name Cyd Ernst.)

“On Love,” by Cyd Ernst

She says she loves me
But she just ordered take-out
And I cooked dinner

“On Food,” by Cyd Ernst

But it tastes so good
Made from sugar and butter
It’s bad for me how?

“On Dogs,” by Cyd Ernst

He chewed a pillow
This is about the tenth time
But still I feed him.

Author: Robert Bettmann

Founder of Day Eight, and the DC Arts Writing Fellowship.