DC Advocates for the Arts gear up for Arts Advocacy Day on March 3

Last week, performance artists, visual artists and others gathered at the Capital Hill Arts Workshop to prepare for Arts Advocacy Day this week where they will alert DC council members to the importance of the arts to the nation’s capital. The arts provide 11,205 full-time jobs in the district and create venues where $355 million in income is paid to residents and $62 million in direct local government revenue. Artists, led by DC Advocates for the Arts want the DC council to understand that the arts are not only “feel-good”, but help to revitalize the economy.

Growth and investment in arts and culture leads to growth in other areas. The area of tourism in Washington DC is largely fueled by the attraction of the arts. From venues like the Kennedy Center, to restaurants like Busboys and Poets which are hubs for local artists to convene and perform, the lure of tourism to the area is often the rich cultural scene in DC communities. Cultural travelers vs. all U.S. travelers spend more money on average and cities with a rich arts culture often benefit.

To learn more how you can become involved with Arts Advocacy Day on Wed., March 3 in DC, visit www.dcadvocatesforthearts.org

by Khadija Ali-Coleman

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Author: Robert Bettmann

Founder of Day Eight, and the DC Arts Writing Fellowship.