The Middle Fourty

They say in baseball that every team wins fourty games, and every team loses fourty games. It’s what you do with the other fourty games that matters.

The democrats have their fourty, and the republicans have theirs (in part due to Palin.)

How can the democrats get the other fourty? How can the republican’s get the other fourty?

Republican’s – from recent news – seem to be hitting at national security. Trying to get the middle fourty not to feel secure about Obama.

Democrat’s – from recent news – are trying to make people believe that the Republican’s vision isn’t good.

Unfortunately, the Republican message is much simpler. In mass media, it’s necessary to be able to find the point quickly. What is the Democrat’s point? I have a sense. But it’s a bit high-minded, I worry, to win the middle fourty.

Author: Robert Bettmann

Founder of Day Eight, and the DC Arts Writing Fellowship.