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twitterI joined Twitter a few months ago… More than a preternatural understanding of technology, I’m simply committed to not being the old guy who doesn’t know what a walk-man is. So I joined Twitter, and I’m trying to figure out how to use it.

For me, embedding my feed into my blog – to the left here – has been nice. While blog writing isn’t exactly Lord of the Rings length, someone can look at your Twitter feed and see thoughts/agenda over days very quickly.

I just saw an article – twitted by one of my followers who I am not following – and appreciate the following quote:

I try to follow people that share similar interests and that add value to my network and the information I am receiving from them. While some use Twitter as a way to connect with their friends, I use Twitter as a way to soak in information from users that have similar interests in social media, journalism, technology and more. Yes, this does mean that I dont always follow even my friends back. I keep up with my friends on Facebook. Twitter is a social broadcasting tool that I can use to see what exactly is the buzz during any given moment. It is a social RSS, a place where I can have a discussion about issues in technology and how its changing our social interactions and especially the journalism industry I am a part of.

Whole blog post here. Each of us – and I include in ‘us’ each business – gets to decide how, and if, we want to use new media tools. For instance: I recently started following a local politician who was clearly new to twitter. She was using twitter to stay in touch with friends, and has since made her tweets private. That’s a fine choice.

There’s flexibility in these tools, just like websites. You can do them/use them lots of different ways. And just like advertising, too, there are a variety of best practices out there. That’s all for now.. just a random social media thought at lunch-time. Taking walkman off now.

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Author: Robert Bettmann

Founder of Day Eight, and the DC Arts Writing Fellowship.