Lily Pons

There are some musicians that have a particular quality. If you listen regularly to classical music you know when you’re listening to Heifetz, Gould, or Pons. It’s not that there’s not lots of good ways to perform, but some artists have a successful way that is also distinctively their way. A friend just posted a video of Montserrat Caballe, who is similarly gifted, and it reminded me of Pons’ version of this song.

Here is an aria from Mozart’s Magic Flute, performed live by Lily Pons in 1936. No one like her…

If you like Pons, she did a couple of golden-age Hollywood movies, including one in which she starred across from a young Henry Fonda, and in which Lucille Ball has a walk-on… Thanks to Michael for turning me on to the Pons’ movies.


Author: Robert Bettmann

Founder of Day Eight, and the DC Arts Writing Fellowship.