Clavigo by the Paris Opera

Being a student of dance history, I have immense respect for the Paris Opera. The Opera House was at the forefront of ballet fashion/development for a critical hundred year period. I found a video of a new ballet made on the company in a sale bin at olson’s in dupont. I was astounded. So astounded that I shared it with a friend. I don’t remember who.

If it was you, dear reader: shame, shame shame!!! Return my video!

Regardless – enjoy. The whole is well worth viewing, if only to inspire one to realize that some people really are still making serious ballet out there.

This is the entrance scene by Le Riche. Watch. (He plays a saucy little minx, and is an astounding dancer.)

So much of the ballet is so enthralling. Tomorrow night Hilary Clinton speaks at the convention (according to someone – ‘Clinton in 2012!) and so its appropriate to say that it takes a village to make a ballet. The sets are amazing. The music, the costume, the dancers, the choreography. It takes a village to make good art. When I wrote ‘some people are making ballet’ above I meant it. Making ballets is not an individual sport. In that way it’s much like policy. Inspiration/leadership MAY come from the top, but it takes many many many to create anything real.

I’m posting this next clip for simple shock value; the French are less afraid to include sexual content. Oral sex never looked so arty.

I’m pretty verbose, and not afraid to offer an opinion. Watching this ballet humbles me as a writer, dancer, and choreographer. Check out the video if you can. You can order it from Kultur or Amazon.