Frames on 17th St.

I was invited to participate in a collective of performance artists about a month ago. We did an event on October 3rd as part of an art opening at the Picasso Gallery on 17th St. We gathered again this past Friday night at the home of the gallery owner; great time eating, drinking, and talking art.

I posted a few photos on facebook of our exhibit, but I want to keep documentation up here, too. Here are just four photos from our ‘exhibit’. These are not my favorite photos, nor are they representative of the evening as a whole.

I don’t think we had an official name for the event — I’m calling it “Frames”. Any feedback appreciated.

group frame low res lady frame low res abdi in frame low res street view frames low res

I was invited to join by Rogelio Maxwell, who is possibly the group’s organizer. The group may or may not include Rogelio, Andrea Collins, Beti Ellerson, Michael Gessner, Gail Hansen, Gabriella Pohl, Holly Bass, and Franklin Wassmer. I think we’re considering adding some musicians, in case any reader is interested. This event spread from an idea that Franklin had (I think.) It’s very much a collective based around the experience of art. The group seems to not put a premium on promotion. If you want to know about the next one before it happens, drop me a line.