Taking things off of Bourgeon

I’m updating Bourgeon (the online arts magazine I run) and am taking off some of the posts I made shortly after I moved the magazine online.

There was a certain rush in moving the magazine online. All of the potential of what one can do with that. When you do a print magazine you have to get everything together, lay out your pages, etc etc. When I went online I got a little drunk with the possibility of publishing whenever I wanted…

The mission of Bourgeon is to project the voices of artists, helping them document their work for current and future audience.

So I’m removing the posts I did after moving the thing online, which just don’t belong there. I wrote this in follow up to an article written by Kevin Platte – founder of the Cowboys – published in Bourgeon.


———– from Nov. 7, 2007 ————–

Here is some video of the D.C. Cowboys, a local dance company.

There are a couple of things that I find very interesting about their work. But first let me say that this video – which is from the closing ceremony of the Gay Games in Chicago – does not do them justice. They have excellent video on their website (www.dccowboys.com) which I couldn’t steal.

Many companies use sex appeal, but most seem to be kind of regretful of it. Or, if they’re not regretful of it, I feel like they should be. A lot of times it seems like if choreographers aren’t confident of their dance, and want people to like it, they just remove clothes from the dancers.

The DC Cowboys sexuality is part of the dance, unapologetically. There’s something relaxing about that to me. There’s none of the “look at me don’t look at me stuff” that happens in some work….