Pinball Wizard

Suggested Usage: Press play, read post

I went to an interesting “Networking event” last night. It was hosted by CreativesDC. CreativesDC is a ning-group/social utility that is trying to crowd-source artistic activity. If you’re a local artist, or local interested in the arts, it’s worth it to join up. Free, too.

The purpose of the event was to mingle, and also to get ideas for the District’s Creative Economy work. Sakhina Khan from the Deputy Mayor’s office for Economic Development was there with the consultant who is doing the research. It was organized by Philipa Hughes (Pinkline) and Neil Takemoto (Cooltown beta – creators of the DC ning.)

It was a really interesting group of people. I had a good time seeing people I knew, and meeting lots who I didn’t know. I sort of stopped having a good time, and wish I had left earlier.

I heard this song – Pinball Wizard – a few days ago, and it made me think of how what we don’t have can influence what we do have. That deaf, dumb and blind kid: sure played a mean pinball.

I fixed the problem I was having with the header in my freelance site this morning, and installed a rotating image in the sidebar.