How do they do it?

Not getting along with people is certainly no guarantee of greatness, creativity, or intelligence. It is funny to watch when the two combine, though.

The Stirling award winning architect Will Alsop has decided to be a painter now. Ok. You can see the article here, which includes:

He used his televised victory speech after receiving the Stirling prize to berate one of London’s most conservative planning authorities. “Fuck the London Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, but thank God for all those imaginative boroughs that know that the way out of their problems is architecture.”

The image below is of his Sharpe Centre for Design, in Toronto.


I know that we are all unique flowers, and I probably have very little in common with Will Alsop. I know that the people I’ve taught, and the people I’ve studied with, and the people I’ve read — we’re all very different. But examples of craft, intelligence and work are nicely paired with the humanity of each person. That is what I like so much about Bourgeon. Because the artists decide what they focus on when they write about what they’re making, Bourgeon exposes not only concerns of technique and performance, but also the day to day realities which bind the creative life.

A friend of F’s posted this on Facebook a few days ago, and while it’s not as revealing as most of the articles on Bourgeon, I enjoyed it.

I’ve been away from Bourgeon for over a month now, and need to commission some new articles. Any artist reading this who’d like to contribute, please contact me. I’d love to learn about your work and I’m sure others would too. (And my apologies to BB for not getting back to him as promised… with my company’s show, and then things really heating up for the DC Advocates for the Arts, the last few weeks have been hectic.)