As the World Turns: Knick’s City Dancers Audition Edition

Being managing editor of Bourgeon I’ve gotten on a whole bunch of press lists, and I just received an email from the folks who publicize the Knick’s City Dancers. That would be the National Basketball Association’s New York Knicks cheerleading squad. Bourgeon – and I – are really more focused on fine arts, and community arts, but I was curious. In the email there was a link to a photogallery from their recent audition, and I’m sharing a few photos just cause the subtitles are classic/horrific.

This one is titled: Gill Asking the Dancers for More Attitude. On the court that means “push your bosom together.”

This one is titled: Gill Mentoring the Dancers. Having been in a few auditions I’m sure the dancers were feeling the mentorship.

This one is titled Gill Showing the Dancers Some New Moves, which could also be subtitled “Gill explaining how the Knick’s City Dancers flip off their opponents.”

To see the entire slideshow, click here. All respect to Gill, and the dancers, who are just making a living, and even to the PR folks who – let’s face it – got me to blog about this.